Dr. Yogesh Singh

Vice Chancellor, DTU

Delhi Technological University has been one of India’s most sought after and high ranking universities since time immemorial. With over 75 years of legacy behind, DTU has forever held it’s own as an institute of great imminence and repute. Entrepreneurship Cell, Delhi Technological University was started in the year 2008 with an aim to bring together the entrepreneurial passions to converge on a common platform. Since its nascence in 2008, E-Cell has worked much past its limits to bring forth the entrepreneurial dwelling within students from various walks of life. To achieve its goal to provide efficacious platform for networking and interaction, E-Cell has been organizing an array of events. Startup Weekend and E-Summit being the two major events held by the society every year promote the spirit of entrepreneurship and of treading the road not taken. These events have become global as they not only attract crowds from the university itself but also from educational institutions all over the country. I wish E-Cell DTU keeps up the momentum in the coming years and keeps on encouraging students to tap into their entrepreneurial spirit. I wish E-Cell DTU all the very best.

Prof. M. M. Tripathi

Faculty Advisor, E-CELL DTU

E-Cell DTU envisions a society of self motivated individuals kernelled with constructive and intense entrepreneurial drive. We firmly believe that emerging economies like India need the drive and innovation of young entrepreneurs. E-Cell DTU, since its inception in 2008 has been organizing the Entrepreneurship Summit every year to celebrate this Spirit of Entrepreneurship. We have emerged as a common platform for interaction among angel investors, venture capitalists, professionals, mentors and aspiring entrepreneurs. By providing substantial business opportunities to creative minds, we make them ready to break the shackles and take up the challenges of 21st century’s globalized world business. As we believe that entrepreneurship will not only push India to the forefront of the world but also help ameliorate the quality of life in the country.