While the pandemic has left collective loss and trauma in its wake, there are some who have found themselves at greater disadvantage than others. In light of these unprecedented times, E-Cell DTU comes to the rescue with its social initiative- ABH-E-UDAY, focusing on the transition from surviving to thriving. An initiative under our approach of social entrepreneurship, Abh-E-uday aims at providing assistance in multiple ways to the individuals and small businesses left financially paralyzed due to the pandemic.

DTU Connect

The comprehensive idea behind DTU Connect is to provide highly pertinent mentorship from people proficient in their respective fields and to guide the students that have an entrepreneurial idea but don’t have the required means to reach out. With this app, students have an opportunity to submit their required ideas which can potentially be converted into a product. This ensures the fabrication of tonnes of exceptional innovations and ideas.

Career Workshops

E-Cell DTU actively organizes various workshops to provide an exceptional platform for the students to expand their skills and confidence in a professional environment. These workshops also provide opportunities for students to indulge themselves in self-assessment as well as critical thinking. Speakers from all across the country who have done exceptionally well in their respective fields provide valuable insights to the students and help them to clarify their career path and career-related dilemmas. One of the eminent speakers was Mr. Tarun Dokania. He has a score of 760 in GMAT and runs his own institution “Floating GMAT” to assist aspirants to reach greater heights.



InternDTU is a college-specific internship portal where companies can hire interns according to their needs. An Exclusive Internship Portal for students of Delhi Technological University by Entrepreneurship Cell, it was launched in 2018 to provide quality internships to the students of DTU. After more than 2 years in the running we are happy to inform you that the platform has very well served the basic problem of getting internships with quality exposure and in a wide variety of fields. InternDTU has also successfully helped students from numerous backgrounds in honing their skills according to the market’s demand.


QuarINTERN an initiative of E-Cell DTU aimed to bestow individuals an edge over their peers by helping them utilise the desolate time period due to the COVID lockdown by providing them with quality "work from home" internships.
The initiative was able to attract more than 75 startups to collaborate and offer work from home internships to students of DTU. More than 100 internship opportunities (both technical as well as non-technical) with profiles varying from Web Development to Marketing to Sales were offered to the students with stipends as high as 30k.