Who Are We

We are a team of enthusiastic individuals striving to create a change in the society. We aim to cultivate an entrepreneurial ecosystem. We aim to bridge the gap between theoretical knowledge and practical applications of contemporary ideas. E-Cell DTU acts as an outlet for entrepreneurial thought process, zeal and energy in order to transform ordinary minds into dynamic young individuals.

Our Aim

We at E-Cell DTU bring practicality into existence. We host several seminars, workshops, Techstars Startup Weekend, North India's largest entrepreneurship summit, and various online/offline initiatives such as QuarIntern, InternDTU, and DTU Connect so as to give students the right exposure to the business-related and entrepreneurial world. Our aim is to leverage and maximize the potential of young individuals and prepare them to become future leaders.


E-Cell DTU was established in the year 2008 by former Chief Minister Ms. Sheila Dixit, with an attempt to foster the spirit of entrepreneurship amongst young individuals. We have come a long way and myriad milestones are yet to be achieved. 

Plan of Action

The idea behind this initiative was to become a job creator rather than a seeker. E-Cell actively hosts innumerous events and acts as a catalyst between young minds and brilliant ideas by providing an efficacious networking platform by promoting innovative and independent thinking.